Why can't I enter my weight this week?

The Weight Tracker only allows you to enter one weight each week. When you translate this to the computer, the rule becomes slightly more rigid -- you can only log one weight for each Monday through Sunday period (this includes your start weight and date).

So let's say your start date was a Monday, but you decide you would like to enter your weight on Saturdays. You change your weight-tracking day to Saturday and when Saturday comes you can't enter your weight. The reason for this is that you are still in your current weigh-in week and you have already logged your weight. In order to keep your Saturday weight-tracking day, you would have to wait until the following Saturday to enter your second week's weight. Now you are on track for Saturday. This will hold true even if you decide to change your weight-tracking day four weeks into the program.

The Weight Tracker will always allow you to enter a weight on every day that has passed of the current week, no matter what day you have set as your weight-tracking day. If you enter a weight on a Monday and this is not your weight-tracking day, you will not be able to enter your weight on your real weigh-in day.

If this happens, go to "View and Edit Weight" in the Weight Tracker. (Please note: If you have any other browser windows open, you will need to close them and have only your account open in one browser). There you will be able to see the dates you have entered. You will need to change all Monday weights to your scheduled weight-tracking day.

To change a weight's date, click on the date and select a new date at the bottom of the box. You may need to do this for more than one weight-tracking day.

To re-enter previous weights click on the link that says "Enter Previous Weights" and click on a day that is your scheduled weight-tracking day. (If you would like to record a date for an earlier month or year, select from the menu). Enter your weight for the selected day and click "Add to list." When you are finished adding weights click "Save Weights."

Remember to add only one weight per Monday through Sunday period. For Weight Watchers eTools subscribers, select where you stepped on the scale -- either in a Meeting or at an alternate location.

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