Best Poutines

Our favourites poutine recipes.
Published February 9, 2017

Up there with hockey, back bacon, and our tendency to say “sorry” not much is more Canadian than a poutine. Crisp fries, topped with savoury cheese curds and smothered in hot gravy - this is the pinnacle in comfort food.

Its origin story is unclear, but the general consensus is that it originated in rural Quebec in the 1950s where it is said that they topped French fries with their beloved – and high quality – cheese curds and topped it off with brown gravy. It bears resemblance to the UK dish, chips, cheese, and gravy – and many believe that this may have been the inspiration. Merriam-Webster notes that the name possible came from a Quebecois slang term, meaning “mess.”

Since its invention poutine’s have gained popularity – and even become gourmet!

Just because you are looking to lose weight doesn’t mean you need to give up this Canadian classic. Here we have rounded up six of our best poutine recipes to satisfy your cravings, all within your SmartPoints budget.

Sorry, we’re not sorry.