WW Sleep Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Sleep - All in One Place

Whether you sleep well or not, we’re pretty sure you will learn something new in our ultimate sleep guide.
Published March 2, 2022

At WW we focus on sleep because it’s an important pillar in your wellness journey along with food, activity, and mindset. Getting quality sleep is crucial to feeling your best, doing your best, and living your best life.

March 18 is National Sleep day and we are celebrating by sharing all of our sleep knowledge to help you get the best sleep you can. Whether you are just looking to learn something new about sleep, fix a bad sleep habit or build a healthy routine we can help!

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Shop Sleep Support

Help tackle three common sleep troubles with these WW products

1. If you’re a hot sleeper: Serta 5 Degree Chill Luxe Cooling Advantage Pillow

Stay cool at night with this innovative pillow designed with CoolFX™ Fiber Technology, tested to be at least 5 degrees cooler than your average pillow.* It provides the support you need while pulling heat away from the body.

2. If you’re a light sleeper: Adjustable Silk Eye Mask

Made of 100% silk, gentle on skin, decorated with inspiration, and adjustable, the mask blocks light and promotes better zzz’s. Get more restful sleep with the help of a WW Silk Eye Mask.

3. If you need help unwinding before bed: SpaRoom® PureMist Essential Oil Diffuser

Enhance your sleep routine with the benefits of aromatherapy. The SpaRoom® PureMist Essential Oil Diffuser creates 3 hours of continuous mist, gentle coloured lights and has an automatic shut-off feature, so you can drift off to sleep knowing it will turn off on it’s own. Be sure to stock up on SpaRoom® Essential Oils as well.