12 Healthy Recipes with Potatoes

Potatoes for days – recipes to add to your rotation. Plus, check out the health benefits of these starchy stalwarts.
Published September 21, 2022

Potatoes often get demonized as heavy and carb-laden, but they actually pack a nutritious punch and can be part of a healthy diet. In fact, the potato is an important dietary staple in 130 countries. Take a look at the nutritional benefits of this versatile ingredient below:

Nutrition Profile

- Good source of potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus

  • Potassium is important for fluid balance and supports heart health
  • Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to our cells
  • Magnesium helps with energy breakdown and bone health
  • Phosphorus is a component of bone, teeth, DNA and cellular structures, and helps regulate our metabolic processes

- Excellent source of vitamin C

  • Vitamin C supports healthy skin and the immune system and helps protect cells from damage by acting as an antioxidant

With all the nutrients they contain, plus the fibre found in their skins, potatoes can easily be part of a healthy diet – and you don’t just have to eat them plain and boiled. And contrary to popular belief, sweet potatoes are not actually healthier than white potatoes. They both have nutritional benefits, just different ones, so you can enjoy both equally and reap the health benefits of both root veggies. Some of our favourite WeightWatchers recipes put potatoes front and centre as the star of the show, with plenty of flavour to go around.

Recipes We Love

Scallion-Cheddar Mashed Potato Donuts:

Take mashed potatoes up a notch and turn them into a fun snack or side that’s both crispy and creamy.

Garlic, Rosemary And Lemon-Oven Fries:

Get your French fry fix with the healthy alternative of roasting in the oven with olive oil, a healthy fat.

Loaded Fries:

Get creative and top these loaded fries with your favourite herbs, spices and more.

Cheddar Fries:

Cheesy, crispy fries – what’s not to love?

Potato Peel Crisps with Rosemary-Lemon Salt:

Boost your fibre intake with this crunchy snack that uses up potato peels instead of throwing them away.

Potato Chowder:

Perfect for fall and winter weather, this chunky soup is sure to warm the soul.

Scalloped Potatoes With Thyme:

Set and forget these slow cooker potatoes so you can have a flavourful side with any meal.

Skillet Grilled Two-Potato Gratin:

Sweet potatoes and red potatoes come together for this hearty side dish.

Air Fryer Hasselback Potatoes with Herby Ranch Drizzle:

These Hasselback potatoes give you the best of both worlds – crispy edges and fluffy creamy centres.

Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower with Chives:

This is classic mash with a twist – extra fibre from cauliflower but still tons of flavour.

Yukon Gold Potato Salad:

Try our lighter version of potato salad with a Greek yogurt-based dressing.

Grilled Smashed Potatoes:

Smashed potatoes are a great way to get crispy edges on your roast potatoes, and doing them on the grill adds a whole other dimension of flavour.