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Weight-loss Success Cookbook

Introducing our latest cookbook, packed with delicious recipes and expert advice on weight loss from real-life members. On sale at major bookstore retailers.

Expert advice, real-life stories and 100+ recipes to help you reach your goals

Whether you're just starting out or looking to hit reset on your weight-loss and wellness journey, the key to success is setting small, achievable goals that ladder up to your long-term goals.

Weight-loss Success provides tried-and-true behaviour-change principles and science-backed techniques to help you bridge the gap between intention and action.

Inside this book you'll find:

  1. Over 100 of WW's most popular recipes
  2. Expert goal-setting advice
  3. Real-life member stories
  4. Simple food, activity, sleep and mindset hacks to help you lose weight.

Weight-loss Success can help you remain motivated and create lifelong healthy habits along your weight-loss journey. And the more success you have, the more confidence you'll develop - creating healthy, sustainable habits for long-term weight loss.

New scan and track feature!

To make tracking easier than ever for members, we’ve added a QR code to each recipe for quick, seamless tracking in the WW app. Simply open your camera on your smartphone and hover your device over the QR code to track the recipe in the WW app, according to your PersonalPoints.

There is no reference to Points within this book as the QR codes allow members to scan and track any recipe based on the personalised plan they are following. Even if you're not a member, the recipes in this book are all WW approved and they can be used and enjoyed without the WW app. Interested in joining WW? Check here for our the latest offers available.

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