“Nothing works as well as WeightWatchers® when you want to lose weight”

After trying every fad diet and weight loss plan she could think of without success, Bec joined WW. Now, having lost 28kg in 14 months, she knows she’s found her ‘forever lifestyle’.
Published 31 March 2022 | Updated 4 January 2023

Bec's weight-loss story

From soup diets and fasting to weight loss shakes and meal delivery plans, when it comes to losing weight, Bec says she’s tried a million different things. As well as feeling hungry 24/7, when none of them worked, she was left feeling completely unmotivated, too. But when a friend recommended WW everything changed.

Bec lost 28kg in 14 months

"I’ve always been a heavyset person but content with my appearance. One day I went to the doctors for a check-up and I felt embarrassed to jump on the scales. When I saw what my weight was, I felt overwhelmed and at breaking point. Something had to change."— Bec

Q&A with Bec

Why has WW worked for you when other weight loss programs haven’t?

“WW is realistic and sustainable. It’s about eating normal, everyday food and just making healthier choices, while still having the flexibility to enjoy your favourite treats, so it’s not a weight loss diet or program that you do and then stop.

It’s also really simple to follow and I know I’ll maintain my newfound healthy habits for life, thanks to the guidance WW has given me."

How does the WW app help you make healthier choices?

“The WW app makes it so simple to check a food’s Points value and to understand what a healthy portion looks like, which has been one of the biggest dietary changes I’ve been able to make thanks to WW. All you have to do is scan an item’s barcode. WW’s database of everyday food items is so vast – I’ve never been unable to track an item. The app also makes it really easy to identify and choose ZeroPoint foods.”