How to make homemade condiments

From mayonnaise to chutney, pesto to BBQ sauce, try our selection of homemade condiments to transform your dishes.
Published 21 January 2018 | Updated 19 April 2024

12 condiment, sauce & dressing recipes

A recipe can be transformed with a drizzle or dollop of a sauce, dressing or condiment. Store-bought condiments are convenient but are often packed with preservatives. Skip the condiment section of the supermarket and make your own favourite condiments and sauces.

Making condiments at home means you know exactly what ingredients has gone into it and means you can play around with flavours to customise each sauce to your liking. Most of these condiments can also make unique gifts by packing in a mason jar.

1. Mango and passionfruit sunshine chutney

Homemade chutney with the perfect combination of sweet and spicy heat with the addition of red chilli and fresh ginger. Try serving this mango chutney with ham, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb or rare roast beef.

Mango and passionfruit sunshine chutney>

2. Italian pickled vegetables

Home-preserved vegetables are making a comeback. Eating them as part of a meal may boost the probiotic content of the other foods – great for your gut. Plus, these have a nice spicy kick and so buy veggies when they are in abundance so you can enjoy them all year long.

Italian pickled vegetables>

3. Lemon and lime aioli

Smooth, velvety texture of mayonnaise combined with the zesty, tangy flavours of lemon and lime. Serve this tangy aioli with cooked prawns, salmon, or rare roast beef.

Lemon and lime aioli>

4. Portuguese chicken marinade

Homemade Portuguese marinade is always better than a store-bought version. This marinade has all the classic flavour combinations of ginger, chilli, oregano, paprika and brown sugar to make a tasty Portuguese classic at home. With enough marinade for 2 whole chickens, you can have dinner sorted for 2 nights during the week.

Portuguese chicken marinade>

5. Zesty oregano marinade

This super simple citrus lemon and oregano marinade takes two minutes to prepare and four quick ingredients. It works well with lamb, beef, pork or veal. Try our zesty oregano marinade in our lamb wraps.

Zesty oregano marinade>

6. Tomato chutney

Whip up this mouth-watering chutney to liven up your lunchtime sandwiches. With complex flavours, this chunky tomato chutney is a great condiment to have on hand in the fridge. It stores for up to 1 month in the fridge and goes well with hot or cold meats, such as lean leg ham or roast beef or spread on sandwiches.

Tomato chutney>

7. Caramelised red onion gravy

This tasty red onion gravy goes perfectly with roast chicken. Using red onion instead of your traditional brown onion adds extra sweetness to your gravy.

Caramelised red onion gravy>

8. Mayonnaise

Why buy store-bought mayonnaise when you can make your own in less than 10 minutes and it tastes even better! You can store this homemade mayonnaise in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


9. Coriander, cashew and sesame pesto

Trade traditional pesto ingredients of basil, pine nuts and parmesan with coriander, cashews and pecorino cheese. Add a dollop of this tasty homemade pesto to a plate of pasta or as a topping for meat or fish. It also works well with grilled prawns or salmon or tossed through soba, udon or rice noodles.

Coriander, cashew and sesame pesto>

10. Red onion and balsamic relish

Great with cold meats such as ham, roast beef or pastrami, as well as barbecued steak or chicken this red onion and balsamic relish is a great condiment to make and keep on hand. It is also delicious on steak sandwiches and burgers and can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 months.

Red onion and balsamic relish>

11. Homestyle barbecue sauce

Trade up bottled store bought BBQ sauce full of preservatives with this flavoursome homemade version! With apple puree and molasses for sweetness, tomato and apple cider vinegar for acidity and smoked paprika for a smoky BBQ flavour this homestlye sauce is well worth the effort to make.

Homestyle barbecue sauce>

12. Basil, capsicum and almond pesto

Great with grilled steak, lamb or pork cutlets, or tossed through pasta this red pesto is packed with flavour. It can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 1 week meaning you can easily add flavour to a number of your dishes all week long.

Basil, capsicum and almond pesto>