Healthy eating program

With WW Freestyle™, you'll learn how to build healthy eating habits while enjoying your social life!

WW members Sydelle and Steve

The power of SmartPoints®

Vegetarian egg, lentil and sweet potato tagine

Freedom of ZeroPoint™ foods

Enjoy the freedom of less tracking with over 200 ZeroPoint foods. Enjoy eggs, skinless chicken breast, skinless salmon and legumes (and more!) without having to track them. These foods form the foundation of a healthy pattern of eating and create endless meal options.

All inclusive program for everyone

Chicken and hoisin vegie stir-fry

WW app and digital tools

Keep track of your progress, find recipe inspiration and get tips in our member community.

Tracking works

Tracking helps you understand what you're eating (and how much) so you can stick to the program.
Delicious WW recipes

Enjoy over 5,000 healthy recipes for all dietary preferences.

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