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14 ZeroPoint food categories on the WeightWatchers program

ZeroPoint foods are zero in Points which means you don't have to count them! Take a look at the zero heroes that could be starring on your personal list.
Published 9 December 2021 | Updated 25 July 2022

Your ZeroPoint foods list is as unique as you

On WW program, ZeroPoint™ foods are everything! For the first time EVER in WW history - your ZeroPoint foods list is truly YOURS! You tell us the foods you love to eat and we serves up your personalised plan - including your very own customised ZeroPoint foods list. That means your list will be different from your friend’s or family members. That's the beauty of our program - now your plan is as unique as you.

Zero point food categories

So, what exactly are ZeroPoint foods?

These are WW's nutritious go-to options that are exactly what they sound like - foods that have a PersonalPoints™ value of, yes, zero. Think of them as your staples that will help set you up for a healthy pattern of eating. They’re zero heroes because:

  • They’re good for you - ZeroPoint foods were specifically chosen because World Health Organisation guidelines recommend eating these foods more frequently as part of a healthy pattern of eating. Oh, and they’re delicious!
  • They’re diverse - Use ZeroPoint foods as a base for creating a meal, pump up dishes by tossing in extra ZeroPoint foods, or reach for them at snack time to help you stay full and satisfied.
  • They come in just-for-you sizes. Sure, you could eat 12 eggs, but would you want to? Try sticking to your usual portion size (say, one or two eggs) for starters. If you find yourself still hungry, have another one—you’ll soon figure out the right portion size for you.
  • They can help you get to your goal - WW clinical trials show that you can eat ZeroPoint foods without weighing, tracking, or measuring and still lose weight, no matter which categories are on your personal list.