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The 20-kilo Challenge Cookbook

Introducing our latest cookbook, packed with brand new recipes and expert advice on weight loss from real-life members who have lost 20 kilograms with small daily habits. On sale at major bookstore retailers.

Expert advice, real-life stories and 100+ recipes to help you reach your goals

Losing 20 kilos is about much more than hitting a number on the scales. It involves making small changes that suit your lifestyle, focusing on the journey rather than the destination and learning how to be kind to yourself along the way. In The 20-kilo Challenge, WeightWatchers members share their inspiring stories and practical tips for long-term weight loss, from identifying your 'why' and creating new healthy habits to getting past a plateau and keeping the weight off for good.

The 20-kilo Challenge features 100 NEW delicious and nutritious recipes, including pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, muffins and gelato, proving that you can transform your health while still enjoying your favourite foods.

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