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Goodbye, gloomy days inside. Hello sunshine, socializing, and success! We officially made it to summer—the season of saying “yes.” Yes to long walks, yes to an outdoor barbecue, yes to friend reunions, and—of course—yes to putting your health first. Let’s dive in!

Three friends are enjoying some cocktails. A man is playing the clarinet in a park. A fancy salad with apples slices and pecans. Three friends on a patio prepare to clink glasses in a cheer.

Why this summer is so different—and how to find balance

Many of us are feeling super-charged thanks to the promise of enjoying time with friends and family. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably so ready to say yes to every invite, but there might also be that nagging worry of how you’re going to stay on-track while still relishing in the moment. Don’t worry: There are ways to stay focused while still having fun!

  • Scan the menu beforehand
  • BYO-ing your favorite snacks
  • Give yourself a little grace! Not everything about health can be measured, and this journey is not about depriving yourself of anything—especially occasions that bring joy!

WW Head of Nutrition and Wellness Jackie London is holding a glass of red wine.

Take the Summer Connect Challenge

Each week, you’ll get a new set of actions to complete–focused on activity, food, mindset, or sleep–to help you stay motivated. Time to show off (and work on) those healthy habits!

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Hydration help is here

You’ve heard it before, but hydrating is so important for your wellness journey—and it’s even more crucial in the warmer months (higher temps = more moisture loss). Tap into your WW app’s water tracker to ensure you get enough H2O!

Two words: Picnic. Season.

Taking your brunch to the beach or park? Bring along some bubbly and bites with the help of these WellnessWins® rewards. You won’t even miss the couch!

  • Coming soon: WW Wine Charms
  • Coming soon: WW Food bags
  • 90-day membership to Sam's Club
  • $10 gift card to Stur Drinks

To redeem your Wins, head to the WellnessWins tab in your app!

A trio of tasty-looking plates with steak, shish kabob, and grilled carrots.

Call your crew

Wellness is more fun with friends! When you invite a friend to join WW, you’ll both get a free gift*.