Welcome to WellowTM

Published October 29, 2018
How to enable Wellow


On Alexa: 

  1. Go to Skills and search for “Wellow (by WW)"
  2. After the skill is enabled, say "Open Wellow."


On the Google Assistant and Google Home devices: 

  1. On your phone, open the Google Assistant app 
  2. Say (or type) "Talk to Wellow"


What can Wellow do?

Track food
Just say:
"Track a bagel."
"I just had breakfast."
"Track a Caesar salad for lunch."


Look up SmartPoints values
Just say:
"Look up avocado."
"How many SmartPoints in a slice of bread?"


Check how many SmartPoints you have left
Just say:
"How many points do I have left?"
"Tell me about my day."


Track your weight
Just say: 
"Track my weight"
"What's my weight?"

And make tracking even simpler, so you can live your life. 
Just say:
"Help me with tracking."
"What are SmartPoints?"
"What can you do?"


Questions? Email us at wellow@weightwatchers.com.