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NEW YORK, NY (January 1, 2015) – Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE: WTW) today launched a redesign of its popular Weight Watchers Magazine, as part of an overall Weight Watchers® brand transformation this winter. The January/February issue, which hits newsstands on January 1, 2015, is more inviting, modern and relevant to today’s readers.

“Our mission is to help people change their relationship with food for good and part of that means restoring food to its natural place for what it really provides – energy, pleasure and a way to bring people together,” said Theresa DiMasi, Editor-in-Chief, Weight Watchers Magazine. “The way we aspire to eat doesn’t always match up with how we actually eat. Our goal is to help you make that aspiration real while recognizing that you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and healthy can mean indulgent, delicious and enjoyable.”

Weight Watchers Magazine, which inspires healthy living and delicious food, offers readers important skills and strategies for food preparation, healthy choices and weight loss – from Weight Watchers experts and real people who have been through everyday challenges and triumphs. The Magazine will emphasize on creative ways to prepare and enjoy tasty, satisfying meals, both away and at home.

Readers will notice a new look for the Magazine, with amazing close-ups of beautifully prepared but not- so-perfect foods. The emphasis is on clever ways to use fresh seasonal ingredients that boost flavor without weighing down the dish and the person eating it. In addition to expert advice, the Magazine will feature real people and their relationship with food, which played a role in reaching milestones. The new format includes regular sections such as:

  • FULL PLATE: News section comprised of nutrition, fitness, pop-culture, food, cooking, restaurant, travel, style, and health news bites.
  • HEALTHIEST EVER: Health & Weight-loss section including “Find the Time,” features a healthy behavior that can help readers on their weight loss journey and shows ways to streamline their day to fit in the featured activity.
  • LOST & FOUND: Back page will feature a Weight Watchers member who has lost weight and found new life passions as a result.
  • WORK IT OUT: Fitness & Mood section including “The Fit List,” which introduces fun and sometimes-surprising benefits of a particular sport or workout.
  • EAT IT UP: Food & Cooking section featuring “Let’s Go Out For,” which offers tips to navigating restaurant and take-out menus, with a new cuisine highlighted each issue. For those who are looking to stay in and have guests over, the “Dinner with Friends” section features all the ingredients needed to successfully host your own dinner club and impress your company.

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