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Consumer Bill of Rights

Be sure that your decision to use WeightWatchers® products, services and offerings is an informed one by reading this Consumer Bill of Rights*.

  1. WARNING: Rapid weight loss may cause serious health problems. (Rapid weight loss is weight loss of more than 1 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds per week, or weight loss of more than 1% of body weight per week after the second week of participation in any weight loss plan.)
  2. Only permanent lifestyle changes - such as making healthful food choices and increasing physical activity - promote long-term weight loss.
  3. Consult your personal physician before starting any weight loss plan.
  4. Qualifications of this provider's staff are available upon request.
  5. You have a right to:
  • ask questions about the potential health risks of this weight loss plan, its nutritional content, and its
  • psychological support and educational components.
  • know the price of treatment, including the price of any extra products, services, supplements and
  • laboratory tests (if applicable).
  • know the plan duration that is being recommended for you.

* Developed by the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York City in cooperation with interested parties, including WW.

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