Success Stories

Jordan Got His Game Back

After weight gain made it difficult for him to play his favorite sports, Jordan changed his ways to improve his relationship and get back on the court.
Published December 17, 2018

Jordan lost 49 lbs*

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Jordan lost weight on a prior program and is continuing on PersonalPoints™.

In Jordan’s words:
As a high school athlete, I worked out five times a week and ate whatever I wanted. Food was at the center of everything my family did together, from barbecues to brunches and going out for dinner. After graduation, I exercised less and continued to eat the same way until I found myself weighing 373 pounds.

Changing his mindset

An "a-ha" moment
There were things I couldn’t do — like fit into certain chairs or buy clothing at any store. I couldn’t play basketball or baseball because it hurt my knees too much, and I stopped wanting to be around people. About six months before my wedding, when I was at my heaviest weight, I sat down with my now-wife and told her, “This isn’t who I want to be. I’m not comfortable in this skin.” I wanted to get healthier to be the best possible husband, so I joined WW.

A healthy transition
On WW, I eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Because there are so many ZeroPoint™ foods you don’t have to count, I never feel hungry. WW also helped me improve my relationship with food. Before joining, I’d eat every time I got stressed at work, angry at a friend, or in an argument with my now-wife. Now I cope by listening to guided meditations on the WW app or talking to other members at WW Workshops or on Connect.

Finding a new normal
Typically, I wake up and eat a PersonalPoints-friendly breakfast, pack my lunch to bring to work, and cook a really delicious dinner, like turkey meatballs. And I always try to save PersonalPoints to share dessert with my wife at night. It’s not like I don’t eat out anymore — I can still live my life. I’m just more aware when I do.

How Jordan’s success with WW has improved his life

Getting active
Now that I've lost 50 pounds*, I’m able to be much more active. My wife and I will walk our two dogs all over town, hike, or go camping. I play basketball three or four times a week. Moreover, I feel more confident. I’m not as negative as I used to be, and I’m happier.

A bright future
Although I once worried I’d be too tired to raise children with my wife, I’m excited to have kids. One day, I’ll show them what a balanced life looks like. If I can do it, anyone can.