Success Stories

Alicia Takes The Lead

This former police officer always had courage, but regaining control of her weight gave her the confidence she needed to forge a new career.
Published January 23, 2018

Alicia lost 46 lbs*

People following the WeightWatchers weight-loss program can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Alicia lost weight on a prior program and is continuing on WeightWatchers. Watch Alicia's journey of transformation in all parts of her life in the video below.

In Alicia’s words:
I served as a police officer in Inglewood, CA, for 15 years, and it was rewarding work — I even met my husband on the job! I’ve always said that in order to be in law enforcement, you need to believe in yourself. But I haven’t always maintained that level of confidence. As a young adult, I started gaining weight through working long hours and scarfing down junk food on duty. Over time, I began to feel nervous walking into a room because I felt like people saw my weight first. I always suspected that people were thinking, “How did she become a cop?”

Serving and protecting

Staying safe
It wasn’t just about how I looked. What was even more confidence-shaking was that I felt unsafe. As a police officer, you rely on your partner. Because I’d gained weight and become sedentary, I felt like I couldn’t support my partner adequately. I didn’t want to continue living that way.

Trying something new
I mentioned my body issues to a friend, and she suggested WW. I walked into my first WW Workshop not knowing what to expect. It was the Fourth of July weekend, and I was kicking myself for starting the program then because I wanted to be able to enjoy the holiday. To my surprise, I ate what I wanted, and I still lost weight.

Getting physical
Since I was a young girl, I dreaded any type of physical activity. But I’d always wanted to become a police officer, and I knew that police academy training was a mandatory part of the process. I’d have to complete an obstacle course, wall climbs, fence climbs, sprints, and more during the training. So I went to the academy begrudgingly. Once I passed my training, I said I’d never run again unless I had to chase someone or someone was chasing me. But after I reached my goal, I had the urge to move and get active again. I’d watched people walking the trail behind my home, and I said to myself, “I wish I was like them.” Now, amazingly, I am them! I walk the trails in my area, I run 5K’s, and I’ve completed a half-marathon.

How Alicia’s success with WW has improved her life

Seizing opportunity
As I neared my goal, I started to believe in myself and in my capabilities again. But I’ll admit that when a former supervisor asked if I was interested in applying for a job as the lead investiga­tor at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), where he was the chief of public safety, I was intimidated. It would mean leaving a municipal agency and adapting to a new role in a university setting. Could I do it? Losing the weight gave me so much confi­dence to say to myself, “Yes, I can!”

Starting a new chapter
In this position, which I’ve held for three years, I’m primarily responsible for investigating “sexual interpersonal misconduct” cases. I work closely with the Title IX investi­gator and the Judicial Affairs officers. I investigate any allegation of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, harassment, dating violence, and stalking involving any student. During an average week, I conduct interviews with potential victims and possible suspects, while making sure we provide those victims with resources such as police reports, medical treatment, and counseling. I enjoy going to work knowing I play a key role in providing support to students during these unfortunate moments in their academic journey. I can give them 100 percent because I have more energy to dedicate to my calling, as well as to my family, and my health.

Realizing my strength
When I walk through the bustling campus, I move with confidence. I’m happy with my body’s strength and agility, and its ability to let me do a job I love. I used to think I had no control over my body, but I’ve learned that my weight is what I had the most control over the entire time. Realizing that — and gaining confidence — helped me reach for a new opportunity and make the most of this beautiful life.