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Spring Into Spring

So long, winter! We’ll help you usher it out—and put a little “spring” in your step again! Once you start getting fresh air, moving your body more, and trying new things, you’ll start to feel awesome inside and out. In fact, heading outdoors and spending time in nature can help boost your happiness—and that can help you make better-for-you choices. No matter where you are, it’s easy to start (or keep) carving out time for yourself!

Get into the spring of things!

Ready to renew your energy and spirits? These ideas will help you wake up, shake up, and make your move anytime, anywhere!

  • Ditch your treadmill and stretch your legs outside on your lunch break or over the weekend to grab some extra vitamin D along with your steps goals.

  • Traveling for work, visiting a friend, or just curious about your hometown? Look up a free walking tour (there are even self-guided apps like Field Trip, for Android and Detour for iPhone—the best way to sightsee is on foot!

  • Get in activity, and do good, too: Check local listings for park or nature preserve cleanups, spring plantings, and so on.

  • Head to the beach or lakefront (you don’t have to dip in the water!). Sand offers great resistance to give your leg muscles a good workout, while walking on a trail can be easier on your knees than the street. Plus: no crowds yet!

  • Check out Connect on our app for smart, doable fitness ideas. 

  • Lay out under the stars.  Find a place away from the bright lights of the city and where you can see to the horizon. 

  • Pick early bloomers from your yard (or grab a mini bouquet at the grocery store!) to brighten up your kitchen counter or office space.

  • As the days get longer you can catch a colorful sunset – post an inspiring one on Connect!

  • Crave quality time with furry friends (without the responsibility of ownership)? Volunteer with PAWS (look online for local chapters) to help the elderly and/or sick to care for their four-legged pals, or get hired to walk dogs for others in your neighborhood with WAG!

  • Need to refresh your wardrobe now that you can leave the layers at home—and maybe because you’re fitting into a smaller size? Host a clothing swap with friends – one person’s “meh” is another’s “YAAAAAAAS!” Whatever goes unclaimed can be donated to those in need.

  • Team up for outdoor activity—trying something new is more fun with a friend. From the gentle intensity of Tai Chi to the all-out, full-body exhilaration of rowing, spring is the perfect time to explore new moves.

  • Spring-clean a friend’s junk drawer, and have them do yours. You’ll feel less attached to each other’s odds and ends, and you’ll both feel better when it’s done (just check before tossing anything major!).

  • Switch up a weekly happy hour for a “walk and talk” outside—even once a month is a great start.

  • Check out Connecting with Oprah! Her On Point videos feature her favorite kitchen hacks—all deliciously easy to try!

  • Pick the most exotic or “ugly” fruit or veggie at the farmers market (we don’t like to judge based on looks, right?) and make it the star of your plate. Browse our app’s “Discover Recipes” section by typing in your new find in the search bar, or go online to My Day and click the recipe filter underneath the search bar before you type in your ingredient!

  • Visiting another floor at work or while running errands? Skip the elevator and opt for the stairs or walk up the escalator.

  • Binge-watching your favorite show? Try holding a plank, a wall sit, or as many push-ups as you can during the commercials.

  • Give a long-distance friend or family member a call while you garden/ cook/do laundry (use hands-free headphones so you can swing your arms to pump up the benefits).

  • Gratitude will get you way farther than attitude (unless it’s a sassy one!)—thank your body each day for one thing it does for you.

  • When someone compliments you, simply say “thank you.” That’s it. And mean it!

  • Stash away a dollar for every time you squash a negative thought about your appearance (and swap it with a positive one). When you’ve saved up enough, buy a new piece of clothing that makes you feel great!