Discover Your Go-To Foods

What keeps you on track? Whether it's a ZeroPoint® fave or a decadent chocolate mini bar, find the fuel that anchors you today.

The Dessert of Our Dreams

All of Wonder Monday's best-selling cheesecakes have just 1g net carbs, 100 calories, 0g added sugar, and nothing artificial. A sweet surprise, indeed!

No-Guilt Gummies

Meet Project 7’s low sugar gummies. They’re plant-based and vegan with a whole lot less sugar than traditional candies. The best part? They don’t sacrifice any flavor!

Shop Crunchy Snacks

Top Tools: Air Fryer

Make every day Fry-day with our best-selling air fryers. Enjoy all the crispiness of your favorite fried foods without the added grease, mess, or points.

Top Tools: Popcorn Maker

Pop your ZeroPoint® kernels to make a delicious snack within your budget. Top off your bowl with our seasonings for an added boost of flavor.

Snack Bars

Fuel Your Day with Protein Puffs

Our protein puffs make the perfect savory snack on-the-go. All three light and airy options come with their own flavor kick: Cheddar Cheese, Cheezy Pizza, or Sizzlin’ Sriracha.