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Aromatherapy Sleep Kit
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WW x Sparoom® Aromatherapy Sleep Kit

Drift off to dreamland with the WW × Sparoom® Aromatherapy Sleep Kit, which lulls you into better slumber with an essential oil–misting diffuser, silk eye mask, and lavender essential oil and linen spray.

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Why We Love This

Sheep are cute. Counting them to fall asleep? Not so much. The WW × Sparoom® Aromatherapy Sleep Kit is an all-in-one kit that helps you create a relaxing bedtime habit. The lavender fragrance from the misting diffuser and in the linen spray emit a pleasant scent, while the eye mask creates a dark sleeping environment, all of which cues your mind and body to switch into sleep mode for better shut-eye.

Why You'll Love This

Hand Wash
Great Value
Healthy Living

The Highlights

No matter where you're starting from or how much time you have, we’ll help you get moving toward your best self.

The WW × Sparoom® Aromatherapy Sleep Kit lulls you into a good night’s sleep with a misting diffuser, a silk eye mask, and lavender essential oil and linen spray.
  • Aromatherapy misting diffuser  
    • 3½ inches wide by 5 inches high
    • 70-milliliter water capacity
    • USB power source
    • Four hours of continuous misting
    • Seven rotating colored lights 
    • Auto shut-off
  • Fresh Lavender 100% pure essential oil 
    • 5 milliliters 
    • Add three to five  drops to the diffuser, then add water to the fill line to create a soothing mist.
  • Fresh Lavender linen spray 
    • 15 milliliters 
    • Spritz on your pillows for a relaxing slumber.
  • Silk eye mask 
    • Adjustable
    • Made from 100% silk
    • Hand-wash only

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