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Weber Barbecue Mitt
Weber Barbecue Mitt

Weber Barbecue Mitt

Protect your hands from the heat and look like a pro. The plush Weber Barbecue Mitt insulates and keeps your hand and forearm safe from your grill’s flames when you’re flipping, turning, and skewering.

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Why We Love This

We all know grilling is a tasty and delicious way to cook healthy meals, but sometimes it can be a little intimidating (hello, flames). The Weber Barbecue Mitt protects hands that are flipping, rotating, turning, and skewering, thanks to its plush quilted interior.

Why You'll Love This

Great Value
Easy to Use

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The plush Weber Barbecue Mitt keeps your hand and forearm safe from the heat of your grill.
• Plush quilted interior
• Loop for hanging
• Use the mitt on your left or right hand

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