Like Fun-Size Candy? You’ll Love WW Candy Bars

Candy bars? From a weight-loss and wellness company? Yes and yes. All you need to know about our nutritionist-approved chocolate bars.

ww candy bars

Anyone who’s had fun-size candy knows that these two-bite chocolates can feel a little too little. Especially for the Points® they pack (up to 5 per bar*).

Still, we love ’em: WW members tracked fun-size candy over 600,000 times in 2021. Now there’s a better alternative: our new funner-than-fun-size* concoctions. These magical chocolaty bars are bigger and more filling, but with fewer Points® values.*

If you’re thinking, “Bigger bars for fewer Points? How can they taste good?” Take it from our members, who snapped up the bars so fast that they sold out faster than any other product in WW history. But let’s not stop there. Read on as three WW experts share their insight, from nutrition to first (taste) impressions.

You get more candy for fewer Points®

Over 50% more* candy than fun-size chocolates, to be exact!

If you’ve ever used your WW app’s barcode scanner, you know certain candies can come with sticker shock—with some fun-size bars ranging from 4 to 5 Points. WW candy bars give you more bites for your Points buck.* All three of our bar flavors clock in at 3 Points value each.

So how’d we get 50% more candy at up to 40% fewer Points? It’s all in the recipe. “Unlike typical candy bars, ours are lower in added sugars and higher in fiber—all of which contribute to lowering the Points value,” explains nutrition expert Laura Smith, M.S., WW director of program innovation.

The result? You get more from a volume and nutrition perspective. The extra fiber can help you feel fuller and keep things, er, regular. And research links diets higher in fiber to reduced risks of heart disease, certain cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

The other major pro: less sugar. Yes, all candy is going to have some sugar. But the kind added during manufacturing—like high-fructose corn syrup, cane juice, or the regular ol’ granulated stuff—is what we’re focusing on here.

Instead of increasing the added-sugar content to sweeten our bars, we use stevia, a natural zero-calorie sweetener. (We know that nonnutritive sweeteners, including stevia, have been the subject of much discussion. But research shows that they’re safe to consume and that they support weight-loss efforts.) Reducing your added-sugar intake—by swapping in nonnutritive sweeteners or cutting back cold turkey—supports overall health and lowers the risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and dental cavities.

WW candy bars really are delicious

These bars are decadently good—like eat-all-three-flavors-in-one-sitting good. But we understand if you’re skeptical. “When you're buying something that's considered a ‘diet alternative’ or ‘healthier option,’ it’s often lacking in taste, mouthfeel, or texture—all the things that make food enjoyable,” Smith explains. Thankfully, we didn’t sacrifice on rich, creamy flavor.

As for specific flavors, we couldn’t possibly pick a favorite—they’re all really, really ridiculously tasty. Biased? Maybe a little. But there’s only one way to have your very own I-can’t-believe-it’s-from-WW moment.

They’re perfect when you gotta have the chocolate

Don’t get us wrong; these bars are still candy. We’re not trying to disguise them as health food. And let’s be clear: If you want chocolate, you should have it—science says so! We’d never tell you not to unwrap a chocolate bar from the gas station. But you might reach for a more nutritious option if it’s right there. So toss one of our low-in-Points bars in your bag and stash one at your desk. When it’s 3 p.m., you’re set.

“I always tell members to think about what they can add to their meals and snacks, not what they have to cut out,” says WW Coach Christina Everson. “These chocolates allow them to make those better-for-you choices based on what is in the bar—not what’s missing.”

And what is that exactly? We already talked about fiber, but the bars are also made with real ingredients, like rich, creamy caramel and crunchy peanuts.

They mix well with other foods

The appeal of peeling open a wrapper and digging in? Unmatched. But sometimes your taste buds crave something a little more creative. “One of my favorite things is that you can incorporate the bars into other desserts to turn a quick snack into the main event,” says Leslie Fink, R.D., M.S., a registered dietitian and WW nutritionist and recipe editor. Here’s how.

Start with your favorite WW candy bar, then think about your ZeroPoint™ foods.