What's Your Why?

Seeing your goals in writing can actually help you reach them. Write down your whys, wins, or wishes and stick them anywhere you need to stay motivated.

Give Your Iced Coffee a Protein Punch

Mix our on-the-go protein powder packs with milk or water for a coffee-flavored drink featuring as much caffeine as your daily brew.

Meet Our New Food Scale

Looking for an easier way to track your Points®? Our food scale is here to help you stay within your budget along with our brand-new program.

Snack Bars

Pop, Fizz, Clink!

Our sleek wine glasses and champagne flutes with discrete portion control markings make celebrating and staying on track easier than ever.

It’s Strawberry Season

Add a sweet touch of summer to your smoothies with our Strawberry Protein Booster, which packs 25g of protein in every serving.

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Snack Hack Alert: Chips & Salsa

Quickly chop, mince, or dice your favorite fresh ingredients to create a tasty homemade salsa. Enjoy it with our Sea Salt Tortilla Chips for the perfect pairing.