Spencer Nadolsky, DO, Dipl. of ABOM and ABCL

Medical Director
Published November 13, 2023
Spencer Nadolsky, DO, Dipl. of ABOM and ABCL, WeightWatchers Medical Director Spencer Nadolsky, DO, Dipl. of ABOM and ABCL, WeightWatchers Medical Director

What he does at WeightWatchers®

Spencer is responsible for crafting and articulating medical perspectives on obesity, its causes and treatments, as well as obesity-related conditions. He also provides medical expertise for internal and external studies at WW. He collaborates closely with the Global Brand Marketing & Communications teams to show up as an external thought leader. You’ll likely see Spencer teaching people about obesity, medications, and health conditions across the organization and making challenging concepts relatable across WW’s social media channels.

His background

Spencer is a board-certified family physician specialized in obesity medicine and lipidology. Before joining WW, he helped pioneer obesity management via telemedicine with the program Sequence, which WW aquired in 2023. Spencer also has a large social media following by spreading science-based nutrition, fitness, and health information online.

What brought him to WW

Spencer was brought to WW due to the acquisition of the program he created called Sequence. He stayed with WW due to the scientific rigor that is implemented with the entire organization and the impact that it has.

Most exciting part of the job

According to Spencer, the most exciting part of the job is being able to impact many more individuals than he would on his own and to work with other science-minded people.

Get to know Spencer:

  • In his free time: Spencer loves lifting weights, eating shawarma, and hanging out at the beach with his family.
  • You might be surprised to learn: He is a former Division 1 NCAA heavyweight wrestler.
  • Three things you’ll always find in his kitchen: Protein powder, eanut butter, and dark chocolate.