Megan Schreier, MPH

Director, Science Translation
Published August 26, 2020

Her role at WeightWatchers®

Megan collaborates with teams across the organization to ensure our science-backed strategies are brought to life in effective, engaging ways. Her authority is in public health, which she uses to inform and support projects on a global scale. Working closely with her colleagues on the Science team, she translates their collective expertise into actionable resources for content production, member experiences, consumer products, and more. In her role, she also works to enhance WW’s mindset pillar by evaluating and incorporating research from cognitive behavioral, acceptance-based, and positive-psychology sciences. 

Her background

Megan’s expertise is in population behavior change. Before joining WW, she worked as a Public Health Associate for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stationed in Chicago. Highlights from her time at the CDC include developing nutrition education programs for the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and creating resources to guide care providers in reproductive life planning discussions with patients. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public health from American University, and a master’s degree in public health from George Washington University.

What brought her to WW

Throughout her career, she has developed a deep understanding of the challenges that come with behavior change. And because of this, she’s fiercely committed to making personal transformation accessible, approachable, and scalable. At WW, she loves providing members with the proven tools and information that they need to be successful (however they define success!), one step at a time.

Most exciting part of the job

According to Megan, the most exciting part is ending every workday having learned something new. It could be a strategy that a member shared as their “key to success,” a new fact about mindset from scientific literature, or a deeper understanding around the different ways that people think from chats with colleagues. The best part? She gets to incorporate those fresh insights into her work at WW to create the best possible member experience.

Get to know Megan:

  • In her free time: Between work and school (alongside her recent master’s degree, she’s also studying to become a certified health and wellness coach) there’s not too much free time, but Megan always makes the most of it. You can find her scoping out the best Greek food in Astoria, Facetiming with her nieces and nephews, listening to the Modern Love podcast, working on her cardio boxing skills, tending to her balcony garden, or building Legos—she’s obsessed!
  • You might be surprised to learn: She doesn’t have a thought bubble permanently mounted over her head that reads, “Studies show…” Despite what people tell her, she just loves connecting the dots between all the pieces of information spinning around in her brain.
  • The best new habit she started this year: Early evening walks or runs on the water next to her apartment. She says the waves of the river and the breeze serve as a reminder that no matter how crazy things get, you can still find peace and awe to ground you!