Raspberry lemonade vodka slushies

SmartPoints® value per serving
Total Time
3 hr 10 min
10 min
These beautiful-looking, grown-up drinks get easy, delicious tang from lots of lemonade. Just keep in mind that you have to freeze the lemonade cubes until they're solid, which will take several hours. But then all you have to do is blend the ice cubes, lemonade, lemon-lime soda, vodka, and fresh lemon juice in a blender until your desired slushy consistency forms. We do think taking the step of making your own ice cubes really puts these adult slushies over the top flavor-wise, but if you're pressed for time, you can use regular ice cubes instead. Garnish each drink with a small skewer of raspberries and a fresh mint sprig or lemon twist for a fun presentation.


Prepared low-calorie lemonade mix

6 cup(s)

Ice cube(s)

16 cube(s)

Lemon lime diet soda

½ cup(s)

Raspberry flavored vodka

½ cup(s)

Fresh lemon juice

¼ cup(s)


  1. Prepare lemonade mix according to package directions. Pour 4 cups of lemonade into two standard ice-cube trays (16 cubes each). Freeze until solid. Reserve remaining 2 cups lemonade in refrigerator.
  2. To make slushies, combine 1 tray frozen lemonade cubes, 1 cup reserved lemonade, lemon-lime soda, vodka, and lemon juice in blender and puree. Pour into 4 glasses. Repeat to make 4 more drinks.
  3. Per serving: 1 cup