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Introducing Kickstart

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Guidance from the start 

Joining WW is one of the best things you can do for your health. We want to make sure you’re on the right path, right from day one, with this free hour-long orientation. There are more than 30 sessions a week, so you can pick a time most convenient for you. 

Kickstart will help you:

  • Learn tips to help you succeed. These Coaches know what works! 
  • Find the best Virtual Workshop for you. Choose by location, Coach or the most convenient time. 
  • Get an action plan. Because everything is easier when you have guidance. 

Meet some of the Coaches waiting to help you:

Dorothy K

Dorothy Kitchens

Hometown: Charleston, SC

I joined WW in 2008 when I was sick of my own excuses and wasting time. I dug deep and reached my ultimate goal (50 pounds down!) within a year. I lost the weight but continue to celebrate amazing gains, like more energy and more confidence.

My philosophy: My responsibility has grown beyond my own needs. By staying on my journey, I can help influence and inspire others. How awesome!


BJ Rycus

Hometown: Okemos, MI

I became a member in May of 2013 after attending a Workshop led by my sister-in-law in California. At the time, I had no intention of joining, but I was captivated by the energy, excitement, and connection in the room. I don’t do WW; I live WW.

Fun fact: I’ve won the gold medal in the Michigan Senior Olympics in power lifting for the second consecutive year. I have completed six half marathons and over 200 road races. 

Jocelyn S

Jocelyn Shaw

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

I’m a college English professor and fitness fanatic. When I’m not in the gym or training for a half marathon, I love to watch documentaries and read. As your WW Coach, I’ll help you discover what makes you happy.

My philosophy: “If you focus on results, you’ll never change. If you focus on change you will get results.”