WellnessWins: WW (Weight Watchers) Wellness Rewards Program | WW USA



With our one-of-a-kind rewards program, 

every day can be a win!

Why WellnessWins?

Improving your health is the best win there is, and WellnessWins sweetens the deal, delivering inspiration—and cool rewards—for the small steps you'll take toward reaching your goals. As you earn more and more Wins, you'll unlock higher tiers of rewards!

Earn Wins as you develop Healthy Habits

The number on the scale is only one indicator of overall health; wellness is about building habits that last a lifetime. So now, you'll be recognized and rewarded with credits, aka "Wins"—for the healthy behaviors you do each day - like tracking your meals, activity, and weight.

You'll also get personalized emails that show how many Wins you've racked up and offer encouragement if you need a boost.


It’s all included

WellnessWins is included with your WW membership. Once you join the WW family, all you have to do is track. You’ll earn rewards as you build healthy habits!

WellnessWins keeps you going strong

You can see all your amazing earning progress in the WellnessWins tab in the WW app. There, you can also redeem your Wins for exclusive rewards and experiences.

Remember: You earn Wins for your hard work—not for losing weight. It’s all about developing healthy habits!

How to earn Wins:

  1. Open your WW app.
  2. Track what you’ve eaten, what activity you’ve done, or your weight (if you’re a Digital member), or just attend a Workshop (if you’re a Workshop + Digital member). Boom! You’ve done it.
  3. Click on the WellnessWins (the little gift icon) tab to see what you’ve earned.
  4. Browse the catalog and redeem for rewards. You deserve this!

Join WW today and start winning!