Exactly what to expect at a WeightWatchers® Workshop

Curious? We'll break it down.
Published January 25, 2017

Now that you've found a WW Studio location and picked a time to attend a Workshop, you're probably wondering what to expect. Here's what will happen, in five unintimidating steps.

1. You’ll say hello and check in with a WW Guide

Your check-in experience is centered around self-reflection and recognition of your healthy behaviors, in addition to monitoring your weight loss. You’ll privately step on the scale and have a conversation with your Guide about goals you want to set for the week and celebrate the non-scale victories you might not have given yourself credit for otherwise.

2. You’ll meet your experienced Coach

Every person in the WW Studio is on your side, from the Coaches and Guides to the other WW members. They'll quickly become your greatest motivators and sources of support.

3. The Workshop will last around 30 minutes

It’ll cover a topic that’s relevant to weight loss, health, and wellness. You can participate as much or as little as you want. Enjoy the conversation with your fellow members, they're bound to bring up relatable experiences.

4. Afterwards, stick around

Our short (but very helpful) “Getting To Know You” session will teach you the nuts and bolts for how the plan works. It’s totally low key, and a great way to get to know us a little better and make a game plan for your first week.

Still looking for a WW Studio?

We have literally thousands of WW Workshops during the morning, afternoon, and evening, 7 days a week. This gives you total flexibility if you're caught at work late, or are on vacation. You're never locked into a Workshop time/day/location—you can attend whenever and wherever works for you that week.