Everything You Need to Know About WW Milestone Charms

From what they are to how to collect 'em.
Published December 3, 2019

At WW, your goals can be as unique as your journey. To support members working toward weight loss specifically, WW offers Milestone Charms, or small rewards designed to celebrate incremental achievements. Here's what else you need to know: 

Who qualifies for Milestone Charms?

WW distributes Milestone Charms to Digital and Workshop + Digital members based in the U.S. (Charms for Digital-only members aren’t available globally at this time.)

At what milestones throughout my weight-loss journey will I receive a charm?

WW distributes Charms at various weight-loss intervals starting at five pounds and up to 200 pounds, plus when you reach your goal weight. 

I’ve achieved a weight-loss milestone! How do I get my Milestone Charm?

If you’re a Workshop + Digital member, your WW Coach will celebrate your success during your next Workshop.

If you’re a Digital member, your charm will be automatically mailed direct to your home or shipping address. Just make sure your shipping address is up to date: To do so, visit WW.com and log in, then click on Account > Settings > Account & Billing > Payment Method.

How long will it take to receive my Charm?

Charms are shipped 24 hours after a milestone is reached (i.e., a qualifying weight loss is logged). It typically takes seven to 10 business days for your Charm to arrive.

I didn’t get my Charm! What should I do?

If you haven’t received your Charm, ping us on Instagram or Facebook (@ww), or Twitter (@ww_us); report it via 24/7 Live Coaching (available in your WW app); or call 1-800-651-6000 to let us know.

What should I do with my Milestone Charms?

Whether you add them to your keychain or cherish them as a keepsake, Charms represent the baby steps that add up to big results. They’re a reminder of how far you’ve come!