How Weight Loss Affects Your Bra Size

Because it could be time for a new over-the-shoulder boulder holder.
Published March 30, 2018

Have you heard those crazy statistics about how many women are wearing the wrong bra size? Well, here’s another one: 100 percent of the ones in our story didn’t know their right size. With the help of the experts at Bare Necessities, we’ll explain why that matters, and how they (and you) can find a bra that really fits. Onward and upward!


Michelle thinks she wears a 36B (those back bulges, though…)



Michelle Morhaim, 35, Oyster Bay, NY
Actual Size: 32G

​Her Story As Michelle was losing weight, her husband teasingly pointed out that maybe it was time for a new bra, so she bought herself a basic “mom bra.” Even though she’s down 28 lbs* and now at goal, she still has back bulge.

The Pro Says “Michelle’s bra is too large around the band, but way too small in the cup, so she’s being squished,” explains Mette Iacovou, Bare Necessities AmBRAssador. And though a G-cup might sound huge, a 32G is the same cup size as a 38D. “Many stores don’t carry larger cup sizes, so they compensate by giving you a larger band size, but you won’t get the same support,” Iacovou says.

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Amanda thinks she wears a 36C (double boob notwithstanding)


Amanda Meador, 26, Sandy Hook, CT
Actual Size: 34DD

Her Story Amanda’s weight has fluctuated—she’s currently down 10 lbs* from her starting weight—but she’s worn the same bra through thick and thin. A D-cup has always been too roomy for her, but the C’s are often too small and they give her “double boob.”

The Pro Says “All of the breast tissue— including what we think of as underarm ‘fat’—should be inside the cup,” Iacovou explains. “When you find the right size you look much slimmer because there are no more lumps or bumps.”

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Chelsea thinks she wears a 38DD (so where’s the support?)


Chelsea Willis, 29, Franklin Park, NY
Actual Size: 34DDD

Her Story Chelsea is midway through her weight-loss journey (43 lbs* down!), but she hasn’t had a bra fitting in “quite some time.” She has been wearing her bras on the tightest hook, but she’s not getting enough support.

The Pro Says Chelsea’s band is too big— she can wear a 34 or even a 32 depending on the bra—so a 38 band is riding too high on her back and making her breasts pitch downward. “When your bra fits correctly, it anchors everything,” says Iacovou. “Your band should sit across your mid-back and feel snug on the loosest clasp; in the front it should lie flat against your sternum.”

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