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The Ultimate Guide to WW Points for Every Condiment

From mayo to mustard, find out how all of your favorite flavor-boosting condiments fit into your Budget.
Published February 22, 2019

There’s a convenient way to add a big punch of flavor to any dish without reinventing the wheel: Reach for a condiment. Whether you’re a sriracha or mayo person, a squirt or scoop of your favorite sauce, dip, or spread can quickly make over a meal.

And here’s some good news: on WW, these add-ons won’t interfere with your weight loss efforts. Many condiments are low in Points™, so you can easily mix-and-match. Ketchup, mustard, and relish on that hotdog? Why not! Two different types of hot sauce on your scrambled eggs? Go for it.

That said, if you want an extra dollop of barbecue sauce or sour cream on your food, remember to track portion sizes when measuring out your condiments.

Your condiment cheat sheet 

Wondering how many Points are in your favorite dips, sauces, spreads, and more? This guide, which compares a 2-tablespoon serving size* of each option, makes tracking condiments a breeze. Pin or screenshot to save it for later!  

How many Points is...

Barbecue sauce, 3 Points values

Butter, 12 Points values

Cocktail sauce, 1 Points value

Cranberry sauce (canned), 1/4 cup, 7 Points values

Cream cheese, 3 Points values

Fish sauce, 1 Points value

Gravy (brown), 2 Points values

Hoisin sauce, 5 Points values

Hot sauce, 2 Points values

Hummus, 2 Points values

Jam or Preserves, 6 Points values

Jam (reduced-sugar), 2 Points values

Jam (sugar-free), 0 Points value

Ketchup, 2 Points values

Ketchup (no sugar added), 0 Points value

Mayonnaise, 8 Points values

Mayonnaise (reduced calorie), 4 Points values

Mayonnaise (fat-free), 2 Points values

Mustard, dijon, 0 Points value

Mustard, honey dijon, 2 Points values

Mustard, yellow, 0 Points value

Mustard, whole grain mustard, 0 Points value

Peanut butter (chunky or smooth), 6 Points values

Powdered peanut butter, 1 Points values

Pesto sauce, 5 Points values

Ranch dressing, 4 Points values

Ranch dressing (fat-free), 1 Points values

Relish, 2 Points values

Salsa, 0 Points value

Sour cream, 3 Points values

Sour cream (reduced-fat), 2 Points values

Sour cream (fat-free), 1 Points value

Soy sauce, 0 Points value

Spaghetti sauce, 1/3 cup, 3 Points values

Tahini sauce, 1 Points value

Tartar sauce, 3 Points values

Teriyaki sauce, 2 Points values

Tomato sauce (fat-free), 1 Points values

Tzatziki sauce, 3 Points values

Wasabi paste, 2 Points value

Worcestershire sauce, 2 Points values

*Actual suggested serving sizes may vary. Points value are subject to change based on portion sizes.