16 smart snacks to satisfy between meals

Whatever you’re in the mood for—salty, crunchy, cheesy, or sweet—these snack ideas will fill you up in between meals without getting in the way of your wellness goals.
Published February 22, 2019

You know the after-lunchtime feeling that kicks in around 3:00 pm just about every day: You need something to munch on—and you need it now. Luckily, a well-planned snack can effectively hold you over until dinner. Because, let’s face it: Some days, the stretch between these two meals is just too long.

Worried that eating snacks throughout the day may slow down your weight loss efforts? Don’t be! In fact, it could help keep you on track. Here’s why: If you wait too long to eat and get to the point where your stomach growls and head pounds, you may be more inclined to reach for the first food you see. While you can totally include your co-worker’s cookies or a leftover slice of pizza into your Points® Budget, keeping planned snacks on hand could help you save dailies (and room!) for dinner.

Still, the question remains: Which foods should you reach for? On the WeightWatchers program, that’s your call. The program gives you the freedom to cater to your own tastes and nosh on whatever you want.

Have a particular itch that needs to be scratched? These snacks will satisfy you regardless of what you feel like eating:

If you’re in the mood for something salty:

If you’re in the mood for something crunchy:
If you’re in the mood for something cheesy:
If you’re in the mood for something sweet:


This article was reviewed for accuracy in June 2021 by Angela Goscilo, MS, RD, CDN, Nutrition Manager. The WW Science Team is a dedicated group of experts who ensure all our solutions are rooted in the best possible research.