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WW Wants: Dads & Grads Edition 2017

Published June 7, 2017

It’s that time again! We’re celebrating the great fathers and grandfathers in our lives and the achievements of hard-working graduates. Here’s a fun guide to salute them all.

LUSH Fresh And Fancy Wrapped Gift ($36.95,
Know a dude who loves a good scrub-down? Let dad pamper himself with spicy, minty soaps and an ocean-themed bath scrub and bomb. Soon he’ll be the freshest pop on the block.

LUSH Celebrate Wrapped Gift ($49.95,
These LUSH favorites make a great gift for the graduate who needs to relax and soak in some greatness. Celebrate includes Happy Hippy Shower Gel, the Ocean Salt Scrub, and Dream Cream — a fantastic variety of scents!

Enjoy the Journey Mantraband ($25,
This bracelet comes as a great reminder to the graduate embarking on a new adventure — whether it’s furthering her education, tackling a new internship, joining the workforce, traveling or moving somewhere new, and beyond.

The SmartPoints® Cookbook ($17.95,
Know a guy who’s trying to keep it healthy and delicious? The SmartPoints Cookbook can help. It’ll only be a matter of time before he’s whipping up plan-friendly eats like Amazing Coconut Pancakes for breakfast, Philly Chicken Cheesesteaks for lunch, and Grilled Flank Steak for dinner. Happy Father’s Day to us! Happy and Healthy! ($81.50,
Know a high school grad embarking on dorm-room life? Give them a fresh start with a pack of healthy snacks for late-night studying and breaks in between electives and dining-hall visits. Crispy chickpeas, sun-popped popcorn, and healthy nut packs will keep the scholar satisfied and focused. Bourbon Smoked Grilling Spice Set ($18.50 for 6 tins,
Using spices is an easy way to add tons of flavor to your meat without a ton of SmartPoints values. Each item in this set (Sea Salt, Smoked Pepper, Citrus Pepper, Garlic Salt, Chili Powder, and Togarashi) is infused with an element of bourbon. Our mouths are already watering. 

Collegiate Dish Towel ($20,
You can take the student out of the school…but you can’t keep the school out of the kitchen. That’s the saying, right? Choose from 32 different schools and keep the grad’s fond campus memories with him or her while drying hands and dishes.

Crackling Candle ($18,
You may not think of a candle as the perfect gift for dad, but Crackling Candles are changing the game — remind him of log-cabin days with scents like Sweater Weather, Mulled Cider, and Snow Day, and the sounds of being fireside.

George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill ($69,
Dad can use this nonstick grill both indoors and outdoors. Its capacity makes the George Foreman perfect for grilled meal prep, big parties, or just cooking for family. Because it’s nonstick, you won’t get a char on your food and thus, no carcinogens! We think it’s especially nice for apartments, so if your papa bear lives in the city, he’ll love being able to whip up some kielbasa at home rather than ordering takeout again!

Parrot Print Vans ($70,
Get that summer feeling in style with these festive Vans sneakers. Daddy-o will love the colorful, embroidered parrot print and you’ll love that they’re not sandals with socks! Get ’em in black or white and let your pops show that he’s in summer mode.

Swing Time Ceramic Bird Feeder ($12,
Know a guy who loves feeding the birds? This playful mini-tire swing makes it easy for birds to perch and nibble and for dad to watch.

LEGO 9-Pack Gel Pen Set ($24.99,
If you know a kid at heart who’s heading to the office, remind him that his desk can still be playful with these fun gel pens by LEGO. Note-taking is fun again!

Theft By Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) by David Sedaris ($16.80,
Everyone’s favorite essayist and one of the most hilarious writers of our time is at it again with a book full of diary entries that span over a 25-year time period. It’s a great bedside or beach read for dads and grads alike! 

Torre & Tagus Chrome Face Vase ($63.26,
Whether you’ve got a dad who needs to bring some shrubbery into his workspace or a grad with sleek style and a green thumb, this cool vase/planter will do the trick. We love that it’s chrome and futuristic-looking, yet you can keep something natural like a big, blooming plant inside.