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WW Wants

Published May 17, 2016

Every month, we’ll bring you a run-down of all the things we’re digging right now. In our second installment of WW Wants, we’ve got plan-friendly ice cream (seriously!) and an apron that pays it forward. Check it out! 

1.HALO TOP Ice Cream ($5.99,
Finally! A low-calorie ice cream that doesn’t taste like icy chalk. We cannot say enough good things about Halo Top, which comes in six delicious flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Mint Chip, and Lemon Cake. Each pint has only 240–280 calories. In the WHOLE PINT.

Okay, yes, we’re a little fired up, but this means you can have Birthday Cake ice cream after dinner for just 2 SmartPoints® value tonight. No more avoiding dessert or factoring in how many Weekly SmartPoints you’ll lose for indulging in a treat. This is huge and we’re so excited!

2.The JoyApparel ($15–28,
Love cooking? Love books? Love great causes? We see you nodding. Check out spankin’ new apparel from Out of Print, starring The Joy of Cooking. Get T-shirts, aprons, totes, and tea towels for your kitchen. For each product sold, a book will be donated to an amazing organization, Books for Africa. Hooray for cuter cooking and helping others!  

Keep in mind: The T-shirts run a little snug, so go a size up than your usual!

Joy of Cooking


3.Gemwraps® ($7.99,
Love wraps but hate the added SmartPoints value? Cue Gemwraps, made from fruit and vegetable purees! Use in place of tortillas for 0 to 1 SmartPoints value (depending on the wrap) for all your favorite wrap-able foods.

Our favorite is the carrot, which adds some sweetness to a savory turkey or tuna wrap. You can also make sushi, spring rolls, or tangy fruit wraps with them and enjoy the extra dose of produce you’ll be eating every day.

Gem Wraps

4.Cook’s Conversion Cuff ($64.99,
Find yourself asking how many cups are in a gallon, pints in a quart, and milliliters in 3 teaspoons? Us too! (It’s 15, by the way.) But never again with this adorable cuff by Krista Tranquilla. Not only is it a great tool to have in the kitchen, but it’s an amazing statement piece for all the die-hard cooks in your life.

Cooks Cuff

5.NEW Sephora Face Masks ($6,
Sephora’s added new face (sheet) masks to their line!  New Avocado, Green Tea, Algae, Lotus, and Orchid are here to nourish, repair, moisturize, soothe, and do all kinds of good-for-you stuff to your skin.

We love the Nourishing & Repairing Avocado, which has a refreshing scent. Pop it on for 15 minutes whenever you want (we like it before bed) and then rub in the excess moisturizer after peeling it. They’ve also got lip and eye masks if you want to go whole hog, er, face.