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Three-Speed Dinners: Fresh Tuna

This versatile “chicken of the sea” stays exciting with three delicious recipes that go from the skillet to the grill (fajitas, anyone?) to the slow cooker.
Published April 8, 2016

Tuna is . . . well, sometimes boring. Yes, it’s great grilled. Yes, it’s great pan-sautéed. But it can get a little dull, a little expected. So we’ve got three recipes to perk things up and bring us into the full bloom of spring.

Stock up on frozen tuna steaks when they’re on sale. The best choice would be steaks in clear packages so you can see what you’re getting. And look for a package with multiple steaks sealed separately so you can thaw what you need. Set them in their packages on a large plate in the fridge overnight and you’ll be ready to make dinner the next day.

Of course, fresh tuna has the best flavor. Look for brightly colored steaks without any opalescent sheen or unpleasant, fishy odor. But let’s face it: a stocked freezer is a true comfort. You know you’ve got a great meal in the offing.

These meals are light but still hearty, a good match to the spring weather at hand. Pickled beets are a chef’s secret! They give this dish a long-simmered, sophisticated flavor without much work. Tuna fajitas are a great patio meal on a warm evening. And our slow cooker dish may be the way you wave good-bye to the winter chill this season.

About the 20-Minute Skillet-Seared Tuna Steaks with Fennel and Pickled Beets

Pickled beets add zip to this quick supper. If they’re too sour, rinse and drain them in a colander before chopping. To make things go even more quickly, look for those beets as well as sliced fennel at the salad bar in your supermarket. For a fancier presentation, transfer the tuna steaks to a large plate after searing, then cook the vegetables and divide them between the two serving plates. Set the steaks on top to serve. Ready to start cooking? Click here for the recipe.

About the 40-Minute Tuna Fajitas

Save this simple supper for an April evening when the weather has turned a little warmer. If desired, chop the scallions after grilling so they’re not quite so stringy. For the best flavor, weight the ingredients on the hot surface of the grill pan with either the weighted lid available with some models or with the bottom of a heavy skillet. Ready to start cooking? Click here for the recipe.

About the All-Day (Slow Cooker) Tuna Provençal

Tuna in a slow cooker? Well, not really. Instead, we can use one of our favorite appliances to create a tasty sauce modeled on flavors from the south of France. After the sauce has melded and mellowed all day, simply set the fish into it, turn the cooker to high, and set the table! In fifteen minutes, dinner will be ready. Ready to start cooking? Click here for the recipe.