Ready, set…run: The workout

No gym fees, no fancy equipment — just you, your shoes and the open road.
Published November 12, 2015

Because running is a demanding endeavor, Hamberger recommends strength training two to three times per week to get your body into running form and keep it there.

Runner's workout #1

If you're short on time and can't get to the gym, try this simple 20-minute workout. Start with five to 10 minutes of a warm up activity, followed by three sets of each exercise shown below. There's no defined number of repetitions in each set — just make sure to practice proper form.

Squats  Lunges
Step-ups Fire hydrants
Side planks Push ups


Runner's workout #2

 Hamberger, not a huge fan of shorter workouts as a stand-alone, encourages runners to try a longer routine. For example, this workout is a continuation of the first, adding on strength-training exercises that will work your upper body, lower body and core. Strength training will also correct muscle imbalances that can affect your running form. 

Because it's a serious workout, Hamberger recommends it only for days you're not running. Start off with the warm-up, the four exercises in Workout 1, and continue with the following: 

Reverse flyes Lat pulldowns
Bench presses Fire shoulder presses
Chair dips Crunches

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