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5 Fun & Delicious Breakfast Toast Ideas

Take the fast track to a.m. satisfaction with toast ideas you can make in seconds!

Think of toast as a blank canvas. Whether you prefer your breakfast sweet, savory—or both, there are countless toppings that can help mix things up. We've put together some tasty toast ideas, and remember: Whether you put it on your toast or keep it on the side, fresh fruit is a great addition to any breakfast. 

Mashed 1/4 avocado + red pepper flakes

avocado toast with crushed red pepper flakes

Reduced-fat peanut butter + sliced banana

Peanutbutter banana toast

Light cream cheese + sliced tomato

Cream cheese and tomato toast

Part-skim ricotta + sugar-free jam (or honey!)

Ricotta jam toast

Hummus + cucumber rounds

Hummus cucumber toast