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6 Fun & Delicious Breakfast Toast Ideas

It's early, you're late and skipping breakfast seems like the easy call. Don't. Take the fast track to a.m. satisfaction with toast ideas you can make at the office in seconds!

On Monday morning, bring in a loaf of reduced-calorie bread. Think of toast as a blank canvas. Whether you prefer your breakfast sweet, savory or both, there are countless toppings you can keep in the office fridge to mix it up. We've put together some tasty toast ideas, and whether you put it on your toast or keep it on the side, fresh fruit is a great addition to any breakfast. 

Mashed 1/4 avocado + red pepper flakes

avocado toast with crushed red pepper flakes

Reduced-fat peanut butter + sliced banana

Peanutbutter banana toast

Light cream cheese + sliced tomato

Cream cheese and tomato toast

Part-skim ricotta + sugar-free jam (or honey!)

Ricotta jam toast

Hummus + cucumber rounds

Hummus cucumber toast