Look Forward to Weighing In

Tracking your weight doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll show you why.
Published February 15, 2022

Why Weighing in Is Important

A few key things predict weight-loss success—and tracking your weight is a big one. Over time, tracking tells you whether what you’re doing is working or where there’s room for improvement, which is an opportunity to change something up.

WW Can Help You Think Differently About the Scale

It’s easy to obsess over a number. We humans are built to think (and, unfortunately, compare) by metrics and measuring sticks. Weight trends over time do matter. But whether the scale goes up or down on a given day? Not so much.

Wait…So the Daily Number Isn’t a Big Deal?

You’re likely here because you want to move that number down. But weight is just one indicator of progress—an important one, but an imperfect one. Hormonal dips, metabolic changes, what you just ate: They all affect weight day to day.

You Control the Scale—Not the Other Way Around!

It’s human nature to feel deflated when that number creeps up. But remember: It’s temporary! Letting a hunk of metal have too much power can derail your efforts. Just keep going.

The Behavioral Science Solution: Reframe the Process

WW says weigh yourself at least once a week, and no more than once a day. I like to think about it as one of many health-boosting actions to take. Create routines around the scale so it simply becomes part of your week. You’ve got this.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Consistency really is the bedrock of healthy habits. (I call them rituals.) Pick a day or time, and weigh yourself on that day each week or at that time each day—we suggest morning.

What to Do When You Weigh-In

Here’s how to prevent that metal machine from getting the best of you.

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  • Make a plan
    Pick a healthy action—a walk, a glass of water—and do it after you weigh in.
  • Think about a non-scale victory
    Your scale doesn’t know that you walked a mile yesterday. Remind your brain!
  • Weigh and track
    Whether you’re up or down, remember: It’s the tracking that’s important.

Choose When You Want to Weigh In

Track, note anything important, set a goal for next week’s focus—and never forget: Your weight on any one day isn’t the story; it’s long-term trends that show progress.

Every step is progress!