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Let’s Go Out For…Burgers

Published May 26, 2016

What To Know   What To Eat

It's a fixture of backyard barbecues, a staple of fast-food culture, and even makes appearances on the menus of sophisticated French bistros. But with so many meaty options in front of us, how can we properly sit down and order this American icon?

First, decide what type of burger you’re going to eat:

Chuck/beef: This is the classic All-American hamburger that we've all come to know and love. It's simply ground beef with anywhere from 10-to-20-percent fat and 11 SmartPoints® value.

Wagyu/Kobe: Fancier restaurants and bistros are beginning to make their burgers with Kobe beef. The cut, from Japanese cattle, offers better flavor because of the increased marbling but comes with a much higher price tag, and a higher SmartPoints value of 18.

Bison/Buffalo: Leaner and healthier, the bison burger may need to be dressed up a bit, as the lack of fat in the cut can lessen the flavor. Still, a leaner cut of meat will end up being healthier for you and have a SmartPoints value of 9-10.

Ostrich: It's markedly harder to find an ostrich burger than a bison one, but when you do, your Tracker will thank you, as a quarter-pound of ostrich meat runs a SmartPoints value of just 2.

Turkey: A quarter-pound of turkey will run you a SmartPoints value of just 5, and it's both tastier and a little less weird to eat than the ostrich.

Veggie: A ground-up mash of beans, olives, onions, peppers and pretty much any other nonmeat option the chef would like to throw in, the veggie burger will cost you a SmartPoints value of around 5 for a quarter-pound.

Remember to add 2 to 5 SmartPoints value to any numbers to account for the bun.

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