Identify Your Thoughts

See how different thinking styles can impact your weight loss.
Published October 30, 2016

Are your thoughts helping you? 

We all have thousands of thoughts a day. Many are helpful… but some are not!1 That’s especially true with weight loss, where it’s easy to develop an extreme thinking style that can cause us to undermine our progress.

The good news? Recognizing — and revising — your thinking can make you more likely to succeed.2 Identifying your thoughts and working to shift them from unhelpful to helpful can boost your resilience, empower you to feel more sure of yourself, and even improve your mood.3 That’s a win-win, followed by more wins!

See how two different thinking styles can impact your weight loss:

The next time your weigh in doesn’t go as planned even though you’ve done everything “right,” stop, take a breath, and do a quick reality check. Remind yourself that the scale doesn’t budge every week — and that if you keep making smart choices, weight loss will follow.  

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