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Getting in Ship Shape

One member reveals her experience at sea.
Published September 21, 2017

WW launched our first-ever cruise, Rejuvenation Vacation at Sea™. Our ship, the MSC Divina, set sail from Miami bound for the Caribbean. During the eight-day voyage, passengers relaxed and recharged, but also had plenty of opportunities to get energized about their wellness journeys. One of our members from New York, Alexis, was on board. While Alexis was losing weight, she made sure to reward herself along the way. So when she saw an advertisement for the cruise, she called her mother — who’s also a member — and asked if she’d like to go together. Her mom’s instant response: “I’m in!” Alexis documented her experience, and here we follow the play-by-play of her inspiring week at sea.

The MSC Divina was beautiful. It felt like a floating city. I’d never been on a cruise before, and loved that we’d go to bed after a full day of aqua-spin class, healthy meals, and an evening dance party, and wake up in a new exotic location.

My mom and I have busy lives, so going on the cruise was a great chance to reconnect. What was fascinating: We met many women who were traveling alone. They knew they’d be welcomed on a ship with so many members, and they were.

In Grand Cayman, we took a catamaran out to a sandbar. We swam with stingrays in the most crystal-blue water I’ve ever seen. I hid behind my mom until I gained the courage to hold one of the rays. I even gave it a smooch!

I loved all of the opportunities to be active on the ship, especially the yoga classes on deck. The gym was in the best spot: It faced forward so you could see the oncoming horizon while working out.

While there were many restaurants to choose from, one dining room had a special menu for WW passengers. I also loved the WW SmartPoints buffet — it was stocked with healthy, delicious food, with each item’s SmartPoints value listed alongside. Both made it easy to eat out.

We all thought the ZeroPointTM Social was great. They served ZeroPoint bites and sips. We could have fun, mingle, eat, drink, yet still stay focused on our journeys.

In Jamaica, we went to Dunn’s River Falls. It’s a 960-foot waterfall, and you climb to the top by making a human ladder. I couldn’t believe I did it — I used to get winded walking up the stairs!

When you think “WW cruise,” you probably don’t think cosmopolitans. But that’s what we drank! To balance our indulgences, we had a “no elevators” policy for the entire trip.

At one of recipe developer Julie Hartigan’s cooking classes, we made Cinco de Mayo — inspired foods, like salsa verde and pulled-chicken nachos — and delicious sangria!

This trip helped me focus on emotional wellness. I left the cruise feeling so much love, camaraderie, and acceptance. I’m going to try to manage life’s stresses by channeling the calm I felt on board.