Get to Know Sophie

You've gotten to know her a bit from "Connecting with Oprah." Now, read more about how Sophie used Weight Watchers to be a healthier mom for her kids!
Published March 2, 2017

When Sophie let go of the scale, she discovered that her self-worth was more than just a number.

When did weight become an issue for you?
In college, I gained the “Freshman 15” and then I gained weight during my two pregnancies. This led to years of failed fad diets and overeating. When I stepped on the scale in May 2015, I was shocked to see the number staring back at me. My confidence was crushed, but not crushed enough to walk into a Weight Watchers meeting and join.

How did you move forward from there?
I let go of everything that I thought I knew about losing weight and I started fresh; I pressed the “reset” button. Each week, I learned more about the Weight Watchers program, and how I was going to make it work in my life. And what an awesome journey it has been!

Other than weekly weigh-ins, did you find other ways to stay accountable?
I discovered that being creative has made losing weight more fun. A big part of my journey is making my healthy food choices look beautiful through photography. I document all of this on my Instagram account, @trackingisthenewblack. It helps me stay accountable, connect with other WW members, and it steers me toward making healthy choices along the way.

Did you get more active, too?
I was never the athletic type. I introduced activity with the simple goal of just moving more. I walked further with my dog on our regular walks, tried out some fitness classes, and learned how to use the machines in the gym. I taught myself to run using a 5K training app on my phone. It was the hardest I’d ever worked at anything in my life, but it was so rewarding. I want to be a healthy example for my kids, and I think I can I say that I am one!

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