Decoding Restaurant Menus

Published December 16, 2015

What's on the menu?  These savvy tips will help you green light some faves!

  • Look up menu items in the tracker or on the restaurant's website before you go to make sure there are options that fit into your plan.
  • Order your meal first; you won't be swayed by others orders.
  • If entree portions are too large, consider ordering two low SmartPoints value appetizers instead of an app and a main.  Or a salad and main, or a salad and a non-cream based soup.  Or split an entree!
  • Skip the buffet.  Order your food a la carte.  Buffets may be economical but they can cost you in the long run.
  • Don't be shy about special requests, such as mixed greens instead of fries on the side.
  • Resign from the clean plate club.  Eat half your meal and take home the rest. Have it for lunch the next day!

The next time you’re eating out, keep these buzzwords in mind:

Go for:

  • baked
  • broiled
  • grilled
  • poached
  • roasted
  • steamed

Choose wisely...

  • au gratin
  • battered
  • breaded
  • buffalo-style
  • fried
  • crispy
  • creamed