Create a healthy bathroom

Organize your bathroom so it can foster good-for-you habits
Published July 7, 2017

A healthy bathroom is a clean and orderly one. Scrubbing toilets and tubs are not chores most people look forward to, but maybe you should. Areas of clutter take up mind space and cause stress, getting in the way of achieving goals. These tips and tricks can take the drudgery out of this necessary task and turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. 


On the clock: Five minutes is all you need

Melissa Maker, author of Clean My Space—the Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster and Loving Your Home Every Day, recommends spending five minutes every day tidying up. If your bathroom is clean to start with, it shouldn't take much longer to keep it that way. Simply wipe down your countertops, sink, and toilet with a disinfectant wipe. Then swipe the toilet bowl with a little baking soda and spot clean your mirrors. Put away any items that have been left out, hang up your towels, close your shower curtain and—voilà, your bathroom is clean! Doing this every day will make short and easy work of your regular weekly cleaning routine.   


On the counter: Clear the (visible) clutter

We use lots of products and tools, from toothbrushes to hair dryers. It's no wonder our bathroom counters get cluttered so easily. Maker recommends keeping your daily-use items on a pretty tray and storing the rest in the medicine cabinet or under the sink.


Under the sink: Easy access to stored items

Use roll-out wire trays (the kind used in kitchens) for keeping items organized and accessible under the bathroom sink. Hooks on the cabinet doors are great for hanging bigger items such as your hair dryer and flat iron.


On the wall: Need some extra space?

Floating shelves make great use of the valuable real estate above the toilet. Use pretty baskets to organize your toiletries and make them easily accessible. Plus, they double as decor!


Around the toilet: Keep a lid on it

Be sure to close the lid to the toilet when you flush. Studies show that water particles and anything else in the toilet bowl can spray up to 15 feet whenever you flush! These particles eventually settle on the surfaces of your bathroom. Definitely not what you want on your toothbrush. Ewww.


In the shower: Make use of unused space

The ledge around the bathtub can fill up quickly with shampoos, soaps, and shaving creams. A hanging shower caddy keeps all your stuff easily accessible and makes it easier to keep the tub surfaces clean. Another thing you can do is wipe down the shower with a squeegee after each use to get rid of soap scum. If you start to see buildup, a damp dryer sheet is a handy tool for cleaning up with ease. 


On the towel rack: Hang towels after each use … and wash regularly

Towel bars aren’t just for decoration; they should be used to hang wet towels to dry. This may seem like a big duh moment, but remember that wet towels are magnets for mold and mildew. Mold can cause nasal stuffiness, as well as eye and throat irritation among other things. Hang towels up right away and wash them at least once a week. 


On the floor: Keep them clean and dry

Every bathroom needs a bath mat to collect drips and protect the floor from water damage. Choose one that is machine washable for easy cleaning. Make it a plush and cushy one for an extra treat for your feet   


For you: Pamper!

Now that your bathroom is clean and organized, give yourself a well-deserved break and be good to yourself! Here's a DIY recipe for an avocado mask to help you get started.

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