Comfort Food Face-Lift: Green Bean Casserole

By taking a modern approach to this classic holiday side (bye-bye, cans; hello, fresh produce!), we amped up its flavor and nutrition without relying on high-fat ingredients.
Published November 17, 2016

How we did it:

1. Beans

Classic: Canned green beans.

New and Improved: We steam fresh beans (rather than boiling them, so they absorb the least amount of water possible), then pat them dry.

2. Sauce

Classic: Condensed cream of mushroom soup.

New and improved: This skillet white sauce uses low-fat milk, cremini mushrooms, and a pinch of ground red pepper.

3. Topping

Classic: French-fried onions from a can.

New and Improved: Crunchy bread crumb topping with sautéed shallots, chopped thyme, and grated pecorino cheese. 

Ready to get cooking? Here's the recipe.