Check out Connect for Web!


Connect is a whole new way to experience the support of the Weight Watchers community. This social platform thrives on positive energy, encouragement, humor, and candid conversation. 

Connect is our exclusive subscriber-only app community that allows you to post and share your progress, photos, and motivational quotes with other members.  If you’re not a big sharer, that’s OK. You can view and follow other members’ journeys for inspiration. 

“Connect is intimate. It is always positive,” wrote one member in a review on , calling it “The Only Good Social Network.”

Best of all, you have full control of your privacy settings so you can manage who can follow your profile, accept friend requests, and choose to make your posts public or private.

See how it works

How do I use Connect?

If you want to create a post, do so via mobile app (desktop is view-only for the time being). Make sure you’ve downloaded the Weight Watchers Mobile app, then simply tap on the Connect icon at the bottom of the iPhone app to start creating and sharing your progress with the Community. Android users, click the lines on the upper left of the app and choose Connect.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

We’re so excited to have our members sharing and using Connect. We’ll see you there!