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WW x Amazon Halo

Discover the future of wellness.

We’re collaborating with Amazon to bring you a new approach to measuring and understanding your health—to take your wellness journey to a new level.

With Amazon Halo, a new wearable health band and service, you’ll get a more complete picture of how your daily habits affect your health, plus expert-backed guidance to turn your data into results.
Earn FitPoints®

As Halo measures how much, how long, and how intensely you move, it will automatically sync with your WW app and seamlessly convert your activity to FitPoints. Plus, that info will live in its own Amazon Halo app with more details, so you can better track toward your fitness goals.

Discover your body’s changes

Reducing body fat can have important health benefits. Using your smartphone’s camera, Halo measures your body fat percentage and creates a personalized 3D model you can use to track progress over time. Pretty cool, right?

Set goals and reach them

Halo helps you turn information into insights—and insights into action. With WW labs, you can take on simple, trackable challenges that help you see the way small changes to your habits can make a real impact on how you feel.

See how you’re sleeping

Halo monitors the quality and quantity of your sleep, which you can then enter into the WW app’s sleep tracker. Together, they’ll help you see if you’re getting enough shut-eye or if you want to make changes.

Discover the connection between voice and well-being

Halo’s tone feature lets you analyze qualities of your voice throughout the day to help you understand how other people may perceive you in conversations. After all, effective communication is a combination of what we say and how we say it.