Introducing the Wellness that Works Podcast

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For an unmissable podcast that discusses food, fitness and wellbeing: the three pillars of WW.

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What is the Wellness that Works Podcast?


Wellness that Works is a fun and motivational podcast for anyone who wants to build healthy habits, whether that means eating better, moving more, shifting your mindset…or all of the above!

Listen in as friendly hosts - and WW programme experts - Sam Rees and Lily Randall spark honest conversations with inspiring members and discuss all things health, weight loss, wellness and WW. 

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It's official... our Wellness that Works Podcast is here!

In our first episode, hosts Sam and Lily chat to gold member Fiona Dawson about all things food, including how to navigate summer barbecues.

WW member Fiona Dawson has maintained her 4st weight loss for 2 years. Her passion for sharing healthy food ideas has gained her over 20,000 followers on Instagram and 32,000 on our exclusive members-only platform Connect, available in the WW app.

Whether you're a follower or not, Fiona's story is sure to inspire and motivate you on your wellness journey, as she opens up about the life-changing lessons she's learnt along the way.

Instagram: @fiona_dawson
Connect: @fionahroberts


Comfort food and conquering autumn


Episode 2 has landed! Sam and Lily are back, this time with mum of two and YouTube vlogger Natasha Summar Allen, who lost 3.5st on the WW programme. Listen in as they chat about getting back into a routine after the summer holidays, and discuss top tips for embracing autumn. 

Instagram: @natashasummar
YouTube: Natasha Summar