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Everything you need to know about rollovers

Rollovers give you the flexibility to use fewer SmartPoints® one day, and roll over remaining ones for a day when you need them.

When it comes to eating, every day is unique, which is why WW offers plenty of flexibility to help you achieve your goals.

In many ways, Mondays and Sundays can seem worlds apart. On a Monday, most of us are full of good intentions, we’ve got work or school commitments to occupy us and the social calendar is pretty empty. Staying on track with our weight loss goals is usually quite straightforward.

Weekends can be a different story: garden gatherings and drinks with friends present an assortment of opportunities for us to potentially eat or drink more than we planned.

That's where rollovers come in...

Some days, we don’t use all the SmartPoints in our daily Budget, while on other days we use them all, and maybe a few extra. 

That's why up to 4 unused daily SmartPoints can roll over into your weekly SmartPoints allowance (your 'weeklies'), to give you a bigger bank to use whenever and however you like - perhaps for a dessert, glass of wine or meal with friends.

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If you have any extra SmartPoints at the end of the day, you'll get a message letting you know how many SmartPoints were added to your weeklies.

Or, you can choose not to use them at all: it's up to you! If you don’t want to roll over SmartPoints into your weekly allowance, you can opt out in your WW app settings at any time.

The flexibility of rollovers and your weekly Budget means there’s no need to deny yourself anything. You can still make healthy choices while maintaining the lifestyle you love!

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