Welcome to the WW PersonalPoints™ programme!

Are you ready to lose weight with our most personalised plan ever?

WW works because we consider the whole you: how you eat, think, sleep, and move and how all that impacts your weight loss and wellness journey.

Our new programme, always entrenched in the latest science, brings together THREE groundbreaking innovations to boost weight-loss success:

1. A truly individualised plan (no two are the same!) for food and activity, including a customised ZeroPoint™ foods list based on what you love to eat.

2. Our newest, cutting-edge Points® algorithm, which boils down a food’s most important nutritional factors into a single number.

3. And (a first in the weight-loss world!) a formula that allows you to actually add Points to your Budget for doing healthy things like eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and being active.

What does that mean for you?

We’re not mind readers, but we have a hunch you're wondering what this means for you. We know that change can seem scary, or just flat-out annoying. But this programme is MORE liveable and sustainable than ever before. Here are a few reasons why:

We’ll say it again: no two plans are the same! When you updated the WW app, we asked you a series of questions via the PersonalPoints Engine. It helped redesign your unique PersonalPoints Budget and individualised ZeroPoint foods list.

PersonalPoints is our new and improved food algorithm that guides you towards foods higher in healthy fats, fibre, and protein, and lower in added sugars and saturated fats. Find out more about PersonalPoints here.

That PersonalPoints Budget is paired with your ZeroPoint foods list. Yes, your list. You're no longer limited to the same foods as everyone else. You now have a personalised list based around your life and what you’ve told us you want to eat.

Finally, healthy choices are now more rewarding, making them feel celebratory, not like work. For the first time in WW history, you have the power to grow your Budget - not just watch it go down - as you build healthy habits!

We have a whole lot more info, tips, recipes, and ways to conquer your goals. Are you ready to get started? See the full programme guide here, or scroll down for bite-size articles.